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Design Technology- home learning

‘What is weaving ?‘ you can show examples of woven materials or watch YouTube-: ‘Weaving in everyday life’ 

The history of weaving; How different cultures use weaving; different styles and materials used in weaving, the technique of weaving.

Explain that loom holds the Warp threads and what you thread through the warp is your Weft.

Watch video on African Kente Weaving – You Tube : Paper Strip Kente Weaving project #164 and Kente paper Weaving.

http://paper Strip Kente Weaving project #164 and Kente paper Weaving

Prepare paper coloured strips. Using their sketchbook to sketch the different geometric patterns on Kente fabrics.

This will help decide their repeat pattern for their paper weave. 

Practice using yarn by wrapping it around a piece of card. Use coloured felt tips to colour horizontal stripes of different thicknesses onto the card.

Pick the same colour scheme, using yarns to wrap around the card (make sure you wrap once only and move on).

Learn to make thicker yarns by braiding – practice using fabric strips.

Tear long strips of fabric.

Use three strips and tape one end to the table braid.

Also try out making a chain stitch using fabric strip both techniques can be used as their weft.

Paint around a paper plate using Kente colours and patterns.

Watch on Part 1 of making a Circle Loom  have circle templets prepared with the 19 notches,

Watch part 2 http://How to Make a Circle Weaving - part 2 

Watch part 3 http://How to Make a Circle Weaving - part 3

Use torn thin fabric strips. 

You can make already made looms by using hessian fabrics cut in the same method as paper weaves, you can use the large opened weave hessian fabric, you can use plastic garden fencing or the large wood strip already made loom. Use fabric strips