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Meadowside School

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Equality Objectives

Equality within Meadowside School:


We believe that equality at our school should permeate all aspects of school life and is the responsibility of every member of the school community. It is unlawful for us to discriminate against anyone by their protected characteristics:

· sex

· race

· disability

· religion or beliefs

· sexual orientation

· gender reassignment

· pregnancy or maternity

· age

For our school, this means not simply treating everybody the same, we need to understand and actively tackle the different barriers which could lead to unequal outcomes for different members of our school community.

This School follows obligations set out under the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED). As such, we have due regard to matters of equality and access, both on a day-to-day level and during the process of developing policies, making decisions and taking action, by considering whether these may have implications for people with particular protected characteristics.

Our aim is to nurture the development of a community in which diversity is accepted, respected, valued and celebrated.

We are committed to challenge and eliminate any behaviour that is judged to be discriminatory in any guise - whether written, verbal or physical, including emotional abuse, bullying and harassment.

Every effort is made to ensure that all members of the school community are valued and have the opportunity to develop their full potential, socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, within a context of mutual respect, justice and fairness.

While an inclusive approach to assessment is desirable where this is both feasible and valuable, it is equally true the fairest and most positive way to provide for some people is to use a different approach. For learners, this might entail using different teaching approaches or equipment, whilst for adults it might entail making reasonable adjustments to their working conditions.

Mission Statement: “Providing best educational practice, working collaboratively throughout our community, enabling every pupil to shine & achieve a brighter future”

We aim to ensure that all pupils:

· Are helped to understand and accept the idea of equality, both through the ethos and practices of the school and through the curriculum

· Are helped to access every area of the curriculum

· Have access to appropriate resources, in order to help them make progress

· Have access to an appropriate amount of staff time and a tailored mix of teaching and learning styles we aim to ensure that all staff, in relation to pupils:

· Encourage, and model, respect for all members of the school community and the local community

· Provide appropriately differentiated learning opportunities

· Use language/communication systems that are understood by all pupils

· Administer sanctions and rewards without bias

· Create an environment in which all pupils are given positive encouragement to succeed

We aim to ensure that all staff:

· Encourage, and model, respect for all members of the school community and the local community

· Are able to access relevant training opportunities

· Have access to our systems of internal communications

· And prospective staff encounter recruitment procedures and induction processes that ensure equality of opportunity

We aim to ensure that all members of the school community:

· Show respect for all other members of the school community and the local community

· Have access to relevant and understandable information, including those in an alternative format where requested

· Are given opportunities to use amenities and resources without prejudice

· Are aware of their responsibilities in implementing this policy


We seek to enact the above beliefs and principles, for the benefit of our learners, our members of staff and prospective members of staff, and our learners’ Parents and Carers through:

· The school ethos

· The curriculum

· School organisation and provision

· Day-to-day procedures

· The school’s physical environment

Impact, monitoring and evaluation

· Equality at Meadowside School is the responsibility of every member of the school community - each member of the school community will be briefed on their responsibilities, and will be personally responsible for their own actions

· Ultimate responsibility for compliance with Equality Law lies with the Governing Body.  As such, consideration of issues of equality will be included in all discussions leading to policy decisions made by the Governing Body, and these will be minuted by the Clerk

· The Head teacher will accept day-to-day responsibility for the promotion and maintenance of Equality practices, and report to the Governing Body at least annually, although the Governing Body may request a review at any time

· Pupil progress will be monitored as an ongoing process in line with the school’s Assessment and Reporting Policies - and analysed to consider whether any individual learners or groups of learners are being disadvantaged in any way

· We will adhere to Local Authority policy in all matters to do with Equality, and update this Statement of Equality when the need arises, or when new legislation is introduced

· We will publish Equality Data annually, in line with Public Sector Equality Duty

· Equality Objectives will be set and reviewed alongside the Equality Data

Equality objectives

1. To create a resource bank to further enhance LGBTQ+ equality learning.

2. All pupils to take part in school diversity learning activities.

See also:

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