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Meadowside School

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Life Skills

Life Skills covers a range of topics that help support pupils to acquire and develop necessary and practical life skills such as: greater independence, health and safety awareness and to help equip them in society.

The Department of Education states that pupils should learn about:

  • Developing a healthy lifestyle
  • What is a healthy diet? (including calories and nutrition)
  • How to plan and prepare a range of healthy meals 
  • Health impact of a poor diet and risks associated with unhealthy eating
  • How to maintain healthy eating and the links between diet and health including tooth decay and cancer    
  • Personal hygiene and handwashing (germs, bacteria, viruses, how they are spread and prevention)
  • Basic first aid and how to call emergency services giving information


Department of Education (2019 p34, 37) Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Statutory guidance for governing bodies, proprietors, head teachers, principals, senior leadership teams, teachers Crown Copyright 2019

Teaching the benefits of a healthy lifestyle became compulsory in September 2020 following the proposals from the publication of the government’s Childhood Obesity Plan: A Plan for Action 2017.

Life Skills lessons at Meadowside helps to support the delivery of these teaching requirements. Lessons also supports British Values by encouraging respect towards one another through teamwork and appreciation of their own and other cultures.