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Meadowside School

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Life Skills- home learning

14-19  Life Skills

Powerpoint Healthy Living Powerpoint

Information Healthy Living Information-Lessons    

Worksheet Healthy Living Worksheet

Online Lesson: BBC Bitesize What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

The Oak Academy Digestion and Nutrition: Healthy Diet

Video- Watch & Learn Starchy Carbohydrates

Life Skills Practicals- Food Related

PRACTICAL VIDEOS- Watch and Follow

Video- Getting Ready to cook

Develop your cookery skills (food preparation and cooking) by following the video you choose.       

Basic Skills- Learn how to prepare vegetables (chop, cut & grate), make food products by following a video recipe for snacks, baking and meals (healthy & treat recipes) -find the recipe on video recipe

Developing your cookery skills - Choose this link to develop your food preparation skills, -includes weight and Measure, food preparation, using equipment and making food products (healthy & treat recipes) - find the recipe on video recipes                                                    

Video Recipes -Find the recipe you want to make or with the ingredients you have:

KS 3 Accident & Prevention

Information Dangers in the home

Online lessons: The Oak Academy                                                                                                                      Safety in the Home

Hazards in the Home

Worksheet sorting Safe and unsafe

Worksheet Dangers in the Living Room

Worksheet Dangers in the home 

Worksheet Home Safety Inspection




Activity Indoor Kitchen Garden