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Meadowside School

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Our primary intent with regard to the teaching of Mathematics at Meadowside is to enable all learners to develop their mathematical skills, understanding, enjoyment of and interest in the subject, to the extent of their individual potential, equipping them with the Maths skills they need to help meet the challenges of life.

We aim for our learners to:

  • Develop a positive attitude to maths and enjoy maths lessons.
  • Develop a solid understanding of maths concepts at the level of their individual abilities.
  • Be given opportunities to develop their maths skills regardless of gender, race, ability, culture or ethnicity.
  • Participate in rich mathematical experiences, applying their knowledge of maths to everyday life.
  • Be equipped with the skills to enable them to meet the challenges of life when they leave Meadowside.
  • Explore maths through puzzles, pattern, problem solving, reasoning and logical thinking skills.
  • Be physically active and learn outdoors or in an active way as regularly as possible.


Maths is taught across the different curriculum pathways in a manner to suit the different learning styles and levels of students. Those following the Formal Curriculum receive discrete Maths lessons a number of times each week. Pre/Semi Formal learners develop Maths and Numeracy skills through the termly topic theme and within My Thinking and Problem Solving sessions. Staff also seek opportunities for additional  Maths learning that may also occur incidentally throughout the day and within other subject areas.


Formal Curriculum - Key Stage 3

Our Long Term Plan for Key Stage 3  (see link below) has been designed to ensure that pupils are covering all aspects of the four strands (Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics) of maths every academic year. This will allow for ongoing progression throughout each maths topic throughout years 7 - 9. There are also intervention lessons within some half terms, for pupils to revisit Number, Measurement and Geometry. This is to reinforce and embed prior learning from earlier in the year, whilst also giving the opportunity to revisit any areas needing additional support to enable progress.


Formal Curriculum - Key Stage 4/Post-16

Our Long Term Plan for Key Stage 4 and 5 (see link below) continues to cover all four strands of maths, whilst also linking to the unit topic areas for the Maths Entry Level Certificate (Levels 1-3). This ensures that pupils can continue to progress within Maths and be best prepared for if they are in a position to be entered for the Entry Level Certificate.  Whilst covering the different units pupils may also produce work that can be accredited as part of the AQA Unit Award Scheme. 

Pupils who may be in a position to be entered for Functional Skills Maths (Level 1 or 2), will be covering all aspects of maths required by following the LTP, however they will also be taught in line with the AQA Functional Skills specification and how to apply their maths skills to more in-depth problem solving situations.

Termly Knowledge Organisers

Key Stage 3 Summer Term 1


Key Stage 4/Post 16 Summer Term 1