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Meadowside School

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Physical Education

We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment enables pupils to develop qualities of confidence, self-discipline and leadership. It provides opportunities for social interaction, self-expression and using initiative. It contributes to a pupil’s well-being and health and fitness. 

In offering a balance of individual and team, co-operative and competitive activities, we aim to cater for ALL pupil’s individual needs and abilities.

We also promote the understanding of the many benefits of exercise. P.E is based on progressive skills learning which combined with flexible and varied teaching styles, endeavour to provide appropriate, stimulating, enjoyable and challenging learning situations for ALL pupils.

Autumn Term 2019 in P.E

Pupils will be taking part in games​​​​ including Tag-Rugby, click HERE to have a look at what its all about

Spring term 2020 in P.E

Pupils will be taking part in African Dance - pupils will be learning and taking part in a traditional dance routine based on a clock face - click HERE to see what it is all about

Summer term 2020

KS3 Pupils should be taking part now in OAA (outdoor and adventure activities) looking at problem solving (can you solve a puzzle? can you solve a problem?) I will also be posting weekly puzzles/problems on ClassDojo, so keep a look out.

KS4 pupils should be taking part in Athletics, looking at performing at their maximum level -running/moving, throwing and jumping (how fast are you? how far can you throw? how far/high can you jump?)

Post 16 pupils should be taking part in Boxing, looking at control, coordination, spatial awareness, combinations and footwork

P.E at home

P.E at home daily workout - Watch Joe Wicks (P.E with Joe on YouTube- Mon to Fri at 9am) this is a good way of keeping your daily exercise/activity and fitness levels up while at home (But remember only do as much as YOU can do)

Remember also go out into your garden if you can and kick or throw a ball etc, go for a walk with your family to the park if possible and try your best to keep HEALTHY (both in body and mind)