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Meadowside School

Inspiring brighter futures


All KS3 pupils take part in Science learning as part of the National Curriculum, and build on learning into KS4 where progress is accredited via the AQA Unit Award Scheme.

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Albert Einstein said ‘most people say that it is intellect that makes a great scientist. They are wrong, it is character.’ It is this ‘character’ that Science at Meadowside aims to build, the type of character which includes resilience, enquiry, carefulness and where possible, independence.

 Science at Meadowside school aims to help pupils to develop an understanding of the seen and unseen world around them, and helps them to navigate it and engage with it as independently as possible, whilst promoting a thirst for knowledge and enquiry. Young people need to know things exist before they can want to find out more, and develop their hobbies and interests. If you don't know dinosaurs existed, how can you want to see one in a museum?