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Science- home learning




In Biology this term we are learning about food chains, and the food that different animals eat. Follow the link below for instructions on how to make a bird feeder, then hang it in your garden and watch the different birds come to eat from it.

For a more sensory option, use fingers to spread the peanut butter, make several feeders using a range of different nut butters, and instead of bird seed, use shelled sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, or peanuts.

If you enjoy this task, extend it by drawing a picture or creating a log of the birds you have seen. You could also carry out some research into the birds you see, find out some more about them, and create a bird fact file.

Don’t forget to share your home learning with us. We can add your written work, drawings and photos to the home learning gallery on this website. 😊🦅🦉🐦🐧





Have a look at this video on dissolving on YouTube, you might see a familiar face. Try not to make as much mess as the person in the video did!

12.01.21 We are learning about dissolving this term. When we put sugar in tea or water, how do we know it is still there when we can't see it?

Follow this link to find out more.

Can you draw a picture, write a report or a summary about what you have learnt? 




Heat, Sound or Light worksheet